The DeMolay Endowment Foundation of Oregon, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded to provide financial and organizational support to the Order of DeMolay in Oregon.  The Foundation is recognized as a  501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit foundation under IRS regulations.  Cash and in-kind donations and gifts may be deductible when computing net taxable income.  The Foundation provides education scholarships to Oregon DeMolay members and supports the educational and development activities of Oregon DeMolay.  This support includes scholarships to the DeMolay Leadership Conference held each summer, DeMolay Chapter Councilors training programs, and opportunities for State Youth Leaders to participate in Regional and International programs.

The Foundation is supported by fundraising efforts of the Board of Trustees and by gifts from interested Masons, Masonic Lodges and affiliated organizations and bodies, Senior DeMolays and other individuals and entities concerned with youth development through the DeMolay program.  An elected Board of Trustees consisting of community and Masonic leaders manages the Foundation.

The Foundation offices are with Oregon DeMolay now managed virtually.  Contact us at PO Box 66214, Portland, OR 97290.  Phone 503-248-2846.